Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two Years of Friendship + Post Birthday Celebration

Hi! If you are one of my regular blog readers then perhaps you already knew my bestfriend. Everytime she celebrates her birthday, we are also at the same time celebrating our friendship. We had an agreement before that we will be going to celebrate our friendship day during her birthday. We got closer during summer particularly in the month of May. May is her birthday month also. 

Unluckily, her birthday was during the election (May 13) and she felt like nobody remembered it as what I was saying in my blog post message for her. We had no time to hang out because we are in our respective provinces to vote. 

We decided to set another day for that special occasion. We just ate and had a chit chat together. I knew she was a little bit disappointed with our other friends because they seem to forget to greet her. Only some of them care about her birthday as she was saying it to me. 

Until now, I still don’t have any material gift to present her. I’m still accruing for it. But, according to her, my birthday gift for her is my lifetime friendship and I guess that’s the only thing I could give. I am happy and blessed to have her as my bestfriend. I hope you could still wait for it. 

That's all for tonight! Good night!

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