Monday, June 3, 2013

SMR Bag Collection

Good morning everyone! I feel so brand new and light today. I did a 5-lap round jog at Pryce Plaze alone. Only music was able to accompany me encircling the track. I actually stop jogging for more than a week because my jog-buddy is not allowed to go out. She's grounded due to family matters. And because of that, I became lazy waking up early thinking I’ll be by myself.

Anyway, I just want to blog this present I received from Haffy. I want to make a little review about this cute pouch bag. It’s actually from an online shop by Xai Ramirez. Xai is actually a Business and Management graduate in Ateneo de Davao University. She sells different variety of bags/organizers that we seldom see in department stores. This online shop solely recognizes the preference of the consumers especially in organizing gadget accessories and other petite things that we constantly bring along with us. 

This yellow pouch bag was given to me and there are different colors of this one. They also have different types of bag which will surely fit your need. 

When you open the pouch, there is an intended part in the cover side in which you can put things you always use. I put all my pens there because I always use them. It will be hassle if I will put it in the larger section of the pouch.

Doubled Zipper. If you want to deposit valuable things in this pouch you could lock it up because of its doubled-zipper feature. 

This bag is very cheap yet it provides what you need. This costs only Php210.Here are the other kinds of bag they vend.

These bags are use to organize chargers of cellphones, laptops and other gadgets. It comes with 3 dividers that are removable to accommodate different sizes of chargers.

These bags are use to organize toiletries, make-ups and other stuff to ensure that they are placed in one safe place. There are two designs available for this type of bag, one is the transparent one wherein you are able to see the things placed inside the bag and the other one which is not transparent.

These sling bags measures 6 1/2 x 8.

This organizer is use to organize make-ups. It can also be used as extra pockets inside the bag.

This is a six pocket Shoe Organizer. This is an over-the-door organizer which can be hang at the back of the doors to minimize the space used.

This organizer is use to arrange fancy accessories of girls. This is sometimes used by dentistry and nursing students to organized their tools in school. 

They also sell medicine kits and they accept embroidery at least one inch in size. You can put your own name on it. So cool! If you are interested to see their other products feel free to inquire. You can contact and visit their Facebook page.

SMR Bag Collection Details
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