Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6th Pinning and Moving Up Ceremony

Hi guys! I miss blogging a lot. I guess its already been more than a month of long hiatus. I just had this urge not to blog for more than a month because I've got nothing to post. I mean, I have different on going activities but I think its not worth posting on this blog. Anyway, I'm glad and so excited to be active again. Blogging really helps me a lot. Viewing images and reading posts that I've gone through makes me smile genuinely. 

There were so many things happened in just a month. I am now an artist in soundcloud. Yeah! I know it's very funny because my voice is a total crap. But with a little use of Mixcraft, I made my loudly pitch voice into soothing ones. Nobody will surely hear it because I keep it a secret. And also, intensive review for the LET is still on-going. That's one also of the heavy reason why I suddenly stop myself from blogging but I'm into reading different genre of books online. I tried reading novels in Wattpad but I find it boring and some are just a piece of nothing. I'm not trying to say that their works were senseless but perhaps it doesn't suit for me based on my age and my personality also. 

Speaking of turning a new leaf for this month, I'll start it with this post. I attended the 6th Pinning and Moving Up ceremony of my closest friends, Dada and Alyssa Mae. Supporting your friends on occasions /ceremonies like this is very much overwhelming. The two ladies were so emotional during that day. We even shared our hugs with them to serve as comfort. I knew what the two were going through. It's hard to process in your mind that after all those hard works and effort you have exerted to make your parents proud but they weren't able to see it or perhaps any them. I know how heartbreaking it is. My heart shatters into pieces If I were in that kind of situation. When family matters are being the topic, I am very sensitive to it especially if it talks about my mom. 

So much with the mushy things, I'll just want to share with you guys what had happen during that time. Pictures say it all. That's all for today! 

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