Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photography is the trendiest past time nowadays. High definition cameras became affordable and cheap in the market and it made them very accessible to all. Before, we used to carry digital cameras but today, everyone is holding their own DSLR (Digital Single Lens Camera). But that wouldn’t mean that if you own one you are already called a photographer. It takes time learning different techniques in capturing good angles. And photography doesn’t also talk about angles; proper lighting and effects also are great factor. (So, I am speaking here like a pro one. Hahahaha). 

Anyway, I am not good actually in this field but I love taking picturesque. And I am doing some trials in manipulating colors using Photoshop. 

My besftriend took some photos during her cousin’s wedding and I did some little color enhancement. The subject was the jewelries worn by the bride. I can’t post the portrait of the bride and groom because of some confidentiality. LOL!

This is the before and after touch. So, I used some color manipulations just to make the color more loud and fancy. The first one was too dull actually.

Anyway, I can't think of a better title so I just eneded up with "exquisite jewelries". So, that's all for tonight! :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Until now, I can’t still get over the fact that the winner of the The Voice of the Philippines is Mitoy. I’m not a bitter being here just like what’s happening right now regarding the throne of Miss World 2013. Yes! Obviously my bet is Myk Perez. Since the blind edition started, I was captured how he sang Jason Mraz's  I’m Yours. I was really speechless. I never thought another man could sing it better than Jason Mraz, himself. He sung it like he really owns the song plus the fact that he can get the attention of the audience effortless. That’s the strength of Myk, singing with heart and saying what the song meant through his soulful voice.

Don Michael Perez, popularly known as Myk Perez, is a freelance singer in Palawan before joining The Voice of the Philippines. He was the top four finalist of the said singing contest. He studied Conservatory of Music in University of Santo Tomas but because his mother had a cancer, he needed to give up his course and be back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, his hometown, to study their.

To show my support during the competition, I even made an FB cover photo endorsing him. But in the end he still received the lowest votes in the competition against the three competitors.

These were some of the songs that Myk sang during the contest. 

The Voice Philippines - Don Michael Perez performs "I'm Yours"

Myk sang his own rendition of Jason Mraz's Im Yours which made the four judges, Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo MaƱalac turned their chair during the blind audition. At the end, he chose Bamboo as his coach and they were famously noted as "match made in heaven". (c)

The Voice Philippines - Myk Perez Vs John Duka Battle Performance August 17

Perez won in the battle round through the public vote against John Paul Dunca. They sang a cover of the Beatles' 'Hey Jude' remixed with the song 'Come Together'. (c)

The Voice Philippines (MYK PEREZ performs "Isn't She Lovely" Live Show)

In the live show performances, in week one, Perez sang a cover of Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' in sequenced with the song 'Isnt She Lovely' where he received mixed comments from judges. He however saved by the public votes. (c)


On September 15, of week four, he sang an acoustic cover of 'Chasing Pavements' in which he paired to compete with Isabella Fabregas who sang a remix of 'No One' and 'Where Is The Love'. In result, he won with the total points of 121, consisting 55 percent by his coach, Bamboo and 66 by the public votes. (c)

The Voice Philippines - Myk Perez and Paolo Onesa performs  "Change The World"

He sang an acoustic rendition of 'Change The World'. The live performances was also part of charity works. On September 22, he crooned a cover of 'Baby I Love Your Way' wherein he scored 55 percent given by the coach against Paolo Onesa and declared as the finalist for team Bamboo, with the total score of 103 points. (c)

THE VOICE Philippines Finale : Myk Perez "GIVE ME LOVE"

The Voice Philippines Finale: Bamboo and Myk Perez 'MORNING ROSE'

In finals, of first night on September 28, Perez performed an acoustic soul cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Give Me Love' to which he received noble self-esteem remarks by his coach. After the accounted performances, he then sang his original song 'Fix You'. In the second night and final performances, he duet with his coach in the song 'Morning Rose'. Perez, however eliminated in results of final four and declared as fourth placer in the competition. (c)

And lastly guys, I want to share with you the lyric video of Fix You originally sang by Myk Perez and this is his first single. It topped for how many weeks in the iTunes chart. Hope you'll like it.

I'm looking forward for a big hit album from Myk Perez in the future. Keep the faith man and we will always support your own music. Goodnight people! :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I miss you guys! At last for how many months of depriving myself from blogging, I can proudly brag that I'm certainly back with this world. One of the major reasons why I stopped is because of my review and hooray the LET is already done. 

After answering countless questions every weekends, listening to different lecturers whole day, copying lengthy notes, reading and familiarizing different concepts in professional education subjects and sleepless nights, finally, we just had our LET exam last September 29, 2013. What I felt during the examination was beyond description. I couldn’t identify what kind of emotions was rushing through my system. I felt the butterflies in my stomach and excited as well. And the rest was beyond history. 

We stayed at Cagayan de Oro City the day before the exam. We visited the school where we will be going to take our exam. Luckily, I was assigned in a Central School which was near with our lodge. We stayed actually in Budgetel. The accommodation was fine and comfortable. 

After we checked in we tried to look for our dorm and left our luggage inside. The room was clean and not filthy except for the unwanted smell of the room because of the air conditioner but it faded when we started to turn it on. There were 8 double-decks in the room. It was arranged properly so the room looks spacious though. 

LR: Haffy, Sittie, Norj and Daina inside the dormitory room.

LR: Daina, Christine and Norj in the comfort room. 

After picking what deck we are comfortable to sleep, we immediately leave our room and rushed in to the nearest fast food chain. Together with my roommates except for those who we were not acquainted with us, we ate at KFC. Yeah! I just love chicken and I can’t resist it.One of my guilty pleasures, fried chicken. :)

Please excuse this selfie pose. :)

A blank expression from Norj, weird smile from Daina and the "ewan" look of Sittie. Peace! 

Michelle, the one wearing blue, Christine and Maricar.

Yeah! I look so big in here. Gosh! Can't you see those cheeks?

Group picture with them. :)

Since Haffy, Bridget, Michelle and me are in A's list, we are taking the exam in the same school. We were assigned at City Central School located in Velez, Cagayan de Oro City. We didn't find it hard to locate the school because it was commonly known by many people so asking was the thing we did. 

We happened to bumped into with my nocturnal/tweet buddy Carolyne together with Girlie Mae. Carolyne is the one wearing stripes. A gorgeous lady just like me. Hahahah!

Meh? Looking so formal with my attire! 

Kyaaah! No. 19 and me has the same family name but we aren't blood related. Our proctor even asked me during the exam if we were sisters. Hahaha! My name is on the 20th list by the way.

The SLRC staff headed by Sir Ken prepared different games. And we all know that every game, a prize is awaiting for the winners sponsored by Sir Ken. Hahaha! I could still remember how he boastfully say in the class how rich he was in a sarcastic way. It always made me laugh. I won't enumerate those games because I am really tired right now. I will just highlight the major event which was the lighting of the lanterns. I really don't know how exactly it is called. 

Inside our cabin while waiting for Sir Ken's signal for the start of the night activity. They are my roommates.

My selfie moments inside the room. 

Major night event. :)

During the activities I captured this one. I felt so bored that time.

It was mandated by the PRC that we are required to wear white shirt so don't be shocked if you observed that everyone of us are wearing white tee. Smiles on our faces maybe prevalent during this picture taking (I'm referring to the pictures below.) but I tell you every one during this time was nervous and we felt different mixed emotions. 

Many unforeseen and unwanted things happened.  I don’t want to stress myself to remember again the bad things I had observed during the exam and the different ill-mannerism of my seat mates. Gossh! Someone was reading aloud during the exam like murmuring “shshshshshshsh”.  I was so irritated and wanted to kill that person but I need to focus answering more than wasting time killing that someone in my wild mind. The general education part was easy but the professional education was so hard. My head was banging because of it.

Cheering up together with my bestfriend Haffy before we go to the testing area.

We went home very tired and "toxicated". My brain is already burn-out. I couldn't think of anything because of stress and I am so damn sleepy that time. I went home together with Nur, Norj and Daina. My bestfriend  went home ahead of us because she was in a hurry. His dad picked him up.

LR: Me, Cindy, Julie, Norj and Daina

Hi Nhur! :P

That's what had happened during the two-day stay in Cagayan. Bye CDeO and hopefully we will be back there for the oath taking. Inshaallah! 

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