Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exquisite Jewelries

Photography is the trendiest past time nowadays. High definition cameras became affordable and cheap in the market and it made them very accessible to all. Before, we used to carry digital cameras but today, everyone is holding their own DSLR (Digital Single Lens Camera). But that wouldn’t mean that if you own one you are already called a photographer. It takes time learning different techniques in capturing good angles. And photography doesn’t also talk about angles; proper lighting and effects also are great factor. (So, I am speaking here like a pro one. Hahahaha). 

Anyway, I am not good actually in this field but I love taking picturesque. And I am doing some trials in manipulating colors using Photoshop. 

My besftriend took some photos during her cousin’s wedding and I did some little color enhancement. The subject was the jewelries worn by the bride. I can’t post the portrait of the bride and groom because of some confidentiality. LOL!

This is the before and after touch. So, I used some color manipulations just to make the color more loud and fancy. The first one was too dull actually.

Anyway, I can't think of a better title so I just eneded up with "exquisite jewelries". So, that's all for tonight! :)

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