Monday, December 30, 2013

24th Oath Taking Ceremonies of Professional Teachers

Last December 21, we had our oath taking ceremony at Liceo de Cagayan University gym. It was the day of pledging my duties and responsibilities as a professional teacher. I was indeed lucky to pass the licensure examination with just one shot. The sacrifices I made during review time were really worthy at all after gaining a passing rate. I wasn't able to thank those people who were there to help and guide me to be able to pass the LET.

I thank my institution for providing me a quality education and to every IITian. Indeed, finishing a degree in IIT was not that easy but I am grateful that I was able to finish my course on time even though I am a shiftee. Studying at IIT was a big help to me because of the cheap tuition fee. Every student in Iligan City perhaps dreamed to be enrolled in our school but due to the admission test given, which is called SASE, not all were given the chance to get in. That’s why spending four years in IIT was such a great experience even though it was filled with ups and downs.

To my mentors, especially in the Department of Science and Mathematics Educators (DSME), thank you for imparting your knowledge and sharing with your experiences with us. I learned a lot from my different professors who were not only good in teaching us but they were so outgoing and unselfish to bond with their students. To Ma’am Joy, who was very considerate and generous of giving her love and care to her students. She was one of my favorite professor way back in college until now.

To my family, who were always there to support me financially. To my mom, who always finds a way to every problem I have to fight to. Thank you for your undying support mom, my success is for you.

To my SLRC (St. Louis Review Center) family, especially to Sir Ken, who always tried to motivate us every session to do our best. To the other lecturers also during our General Education and Professional Education reviews, thank you Ma’am and Sirs for refreshing our minds.

And more importantly, to Allah (swt), who gave me good health and peace of mind during my exam. Without your guidance, I’m not maybe one of those who attended this ceremony.

The Invitation

I don't know what do they called this building, I just take a shot of it while waiting for the long queue. 

I'm with my batch mates, (starting from left, Norj, Cindy, Julie, Haffy, Sittie, Me and Bridget), and I really look so big because of my outfit.

My selfie moments while waiting for some of our batch mates who were late. Thanks to the person who took this one. I really can't recognize who was it, sorry.

The Stage

The Crowd

With Ms. Jam, a host of Pamahaw Espesyal according to my classmate. I'm not really watching that morning show, so I was just clueless why did they wanted to take a picture with her. I just joined with them. 

My outfit, I was not prepared actually because of some problem came up. My mom was staying at the hospital attending my niece there.

I still managed to smile though I felt so dizzy during this time.

Everybody's happy to be called a licensed teacher 'coz of the visible smiles they have.

We passed through the crowd just too have a photo in the stage but it was still a messed! So disorganized!

I look really tall in the first photo and getting chubbier. I really need to lose weight.

Haffy and I had almost the same height during the event, she was wearing heels and I just wore a flats. Why do I always emphasize my height?! Oh! I'm sorry, I'm just proud to be tall. Peace yo!

I had a great time going to CDO with Haffy together with the newly wed, Haffy's brother and her sister-in-law. We stroll around SM Cagayan and ate our lunch together at KFC. Twas nice having a little chit conversation with her sister-in-law. She was friendly and welcoming. 

What I really hate in travelling is the tendency of me to get easily dizzy. I am not used to travel far places and I am a claustrophic person so I will always find it hard to breathe when I'm in a closed car. The smell of the air freshener also makes me more dizzy so I ended up having a hard time while going home. Head ache was giving me excruciating pain and it almost made me passed out before I went home. But that was okay, what matters most was I had fun.

We'll be going back again to PRC this coming January 9 to register and process our licensed ID. Yay! I'm excited about it actually. See yah!

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