Saturday, December 7, 2013

Demureness of Every Individual

Hi! These thoughts suddenly pop up in my mind a while ago and I was able to write a lengthy status in my Facebook account. I just wanted to share it with you guys and every Maranao woman here. Harsh comments are not allowed please. These are just plainly my own point of view and if ever you are bull's eyed with the situation then I tell you, you are not the only one. So, don't panic and make violent reaction with my post.

Black is more powerful than any color. 

DEMURENESS? Nah, can't see anyone who have the trait of behaving with reserve and decorum as what the definition says. Even me is one of those "anyone". Let just try to behave the way we should be. Let us remember that though, changing is there, that's not mean that we should go with the flow. We had some discussion in one of our subject regarding Maranao culture about having a relationship. We are not allowed to have an intimate relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend) with the opposite sex unless you are married. But what we have observe nowadays, rampant display of affection in public places. I'm just gonna ask you this guys, "aren't you afraid if your parents/relatives will caught you?" I admit I had one but just plain text. (I'm brave enough to admit! Hahaha!) But that was ages ago and I repent and ask forgiveness for what I had done. Some are even too loud and proud in posting statuses giving us clues that they hang out and meet with their partner and all of those things that the couple usually do. Anyway, I am not posting these to nag you or what, I'm just saying my point that we should behave with what our culture and religion and not what the society dictates. If you see someone having an affair then don't mind them. It's still up to them to continue those things. Let their conscience kill them. (I'm being harsh now. Hahaha!) If you have one then please don't expose it too much! Just keep it so that people around you will not make gossips at you and more importantly, if you want to be respected, then do the right thing especially us girls. Reserve that feeling of being in love in your wedding day! Hahahaha! (Don't mind my grammatical errors!) 

PS: What did I eat? Why my thoughts were like this!? Someone explain this to me!

Anyway, what kept me busy this past few weeks or months I think is that I am studying again. I am enrolled in a M.A. degree this second semester of school year together with some of my closest friends (Haffy, Daina, Nurj, Carolyne and Bridget). Same faces again! Anyway I think I'll post again for the updates and during the enrollment. 

I am with Daina and bestfriend Haffy here. I'm not wearing my hijab this time. I'm sorry. :(

Another work done for tonight, a powerpoint presentation for my bestfriend. That's how thoughtful, kind and helpful I am. Those different theories way back college days were inevitable. 'til now we are again studying it. Isn't it too way boring reading and refreshing back again those ideas and principles by different psychologists, philosophers and the likes? It's not bad at all. Good luck Ms.Reporter for tomorrow and good night people of the Philippines.

I made one also for my older sister. 

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