Tuesday, December 24, 2013

MSU-IIT 44th Commencement Exercises

Last November, twas the 4th mid-year graduation ceremony of MSU - Iligan Institute of Technology. Yes! You read it right! We have mid-year graduation at the end of the 1st semester. I think not all colleges and state universities in Iligan City have this kind of policy but it's an advantage to those students who were left behind. But it's just too different graduating during the month of March or April for us. Anyway, what's important is that you have finished a degree and you make your parents proud of what you have achieved. Let us not think those negative sides but instead spread all the good vibes in the world. :) 

I attended this eventful ceremony together with my friends to let our other close friends feel (May-may and Dada) our presence and full support on their special and waited day. This blog post really is already spoiled since it’s already December. But anyway, I would congratulate you again guys, my BEED-Science and Heath classmates and friends, who were there in the gym last 14th day of November. Though we didn't march all together at the same time, I hope you did enjoyed your momentous day, your graduation day. 

The pictures below were taken by me or Haffy. We used her Canon DSLR in taking the photos. I enhanced and made some color manipulations on some of the photos. Some photos were not posted here. I just chose the good ones. If you want to have a copy, if you’re one of my friend, feel free to PM me in my Facebook account or in my email. Sorry for the watermark guys. 

Iligan Institute of Technology
Mindanao State University 

THEME: Greater Heights Through Internalization
November 14, 2013

See how gorgeous my friends are. Dada, the one wearing an orange hijab and that girl with a perfect smile and tantalizing eyes, that's Maymay. 

Everyone has its own business whilst the program is on-going. Hahaha!

The MSU-IIT Mid-Year Graduates

Sam Bongcac standing in front, leading the graduation song.

These were our selfie moments with the graduates. Sorry for the scruffy faces. We were so disoriented because the gym was too crowded during that time. And the photos were so disorganized. Ohh! 

And the best part of this day? Ohh! We were invited at Maymay's house for the celebration and guys don't forget the food. Twas superb! I went home so full. Thanks May for inviting us. :)

The Thesis Buddies!

The Lago Sisters

Babi Layne and Maymay!

Why am I in the middle? The height effect. :)

After visiting Maymay's place in Tubod, our next itinerary that time was in Tambacan to visit Dada. :)

Congratulations Graduates. Go beyond borders! Be ready and prepared to face the world and always remember, you are armed with the knowledge from IIT. 

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