Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh! Hi there guys! I really don’t know what’s happening in the world today. I mean, climate change is really emerging and trying to change the usual climate pattern we have in the Philippines.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s more than two weeks of feeling cold and freezing. Pouring rain is unstoppable and it really sucks. I am stuck at home because it’s so disgusting to go out. I will not allow myself to get sick because of this damn weather. So I better stay at home and sleep all day or do some stuff that will kill my boredom feels.

Ohhh! It's all white! I can't see Mr. Sun and the clear blue sky!

And last weekend, I had a class in my master’s degree and I was just trying to endure the chill feeling. I’m already shaking and trembling because of the icy-feeling that this rain is giving me. Oh Mr. Sun we really need you now. Stop playing hide-and-seek and give us some warmth.

Anyway, this coming Thursday, we are going to be back at PRC, CDO but I am in total vagueness whether we will still continue the trip or not. But I’m hopelessly hoping of a good weather when we will go there. It’s hard to take a bath in the morning. It’s like taking a shower with ice cold water.

I hope and pray that tomorrow will be a sunny day! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

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Another photo blogpost for this day! I wasn't able to have time to post this one. I guess these photos are already a year old. It’s time to reminisce those eventful moments I had experienced when I was still a student teacher. We had this crazy idea of having a pictorial with our blue practice teach uniform. 

Apparently, I look so chubby during this time and I regretted why I cut my hair as short as it is, as shown in the photos below. It made my face look more plumpy and round. Gossh! Those were the days when I wanted to be skinny in an instant. 

Back with the photoshoot, the venue was in my bestfriend’s house and the yellowish lights were so perfect that time. And I’m going to flood you with photos now from 2013. It's still raining here in Iligan City and I am clueless when will this tropical depression Agaton leaves Philippines. Its path is unpredictable and its stationary. Oh! Just be vigilant guys to those who are living near coastal areas and prone-flooded spot.

See how fat I was and sorry for the blurry shot! Blame the photographer and not me.

Oh! Say hi to Ms. Dainalyn also known as "Taguroo".

The Trio

Oh! The next photos were so funny. Hahaha! It was weird for us to wear a shoulder bag. I mean, we were not used to bring with us those kind of mushy and girly-like bags. I guess as a future educator, we have to act more matured and more demure. We looked stiffed in the pictures.

Hey! Sharing some shots when we went to Cagayan de Oro to process our papers. I was able to get my rating result and certification. Gosh! It was so tiring waiting for it 'til 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. It was one hell out stay in Ayala for how many hours. We just waited to make ourselves get tired by strolling every corner of the mall. 

We had our lunch at KFC. It was like a tradition already everytime we go there since there's none in Iligan City. Such a poor city. Same fast food chain and same order. I just love the soup their. It always help me fight the head ache I always have everytime I travel.

No one is inside. We're the first customers.

Are you alright?!

Oh! The two idiots who changed their DP in FB with a disgusting and indescribable look.

My fave one! :D 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh! Hi there guys! It's been raining really hard these past few days because of the LPA. Northern Mindanao areas are greatly affected that's why I don't have any hang out post with my friends. So, basically I will just have these photos for the mean time to share with you. These were taken last week. The photos were taken actually in St. Peter's College again, my second school, and this is what M.A. student life is.

SATURDAY (January 11, 2014)

SUNDAY (January 12, 2014)

Stop changing yourself just because someone has a problem with it. BE YOU! That's all for tonight. Sorry for this lazy and wordless post. I'll make a better one next time. :D

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