Saturday, January 4, 2014

High School Reunion

Before the year ended, I've got the chance to see my former classmates in high school. We had a small get-together at Bucana Beach Resort in the afternoon last December 30. I felt so nostalgic after seeing how they change physically and on how they act. Some were already working while the others are still students and hoping to graduate soon. Others looked more mature and some were still having those childish acts including me though I’m already 21. 

I’ve got to meet a friend, Norain at Jollibee and I was so surprised after seeing some of my classmates before. On our way to Bucana twas already late in the afternoon, 2:00 pm to be exact and I was with few people. When we arrived we just had a little chat and of course taking the momentous event by having pictures by sections. 

I was with starting from left, Girlie, Mjean, Mil, me and Herald which was too radiant while on our way to Bucana. Hahaha!

We were the first comers. :D

The assembly time was actually 1:00-1:30 pm but when I had arrived at Jollibee no one was there. Twas only Milaniah, Girlie and Mjean who were present. I think we waited for an hour for the others to come.

I wasn’t able to see my high school besties, Emmerey and Apple. That was so heart breaking. I was anticipating that Apple would probably come because Jaymhar was the organizer of the event which happened to be Apple’s cousin. But unluckily, Apple had change of plans because she was having a headache. Anyway, Emmerey couldn’t come because she’s situated in Cebu working there. Keep safe there and take care always Em. I miss you both. 

I went home so early because I have a curfew. I really don’t like to say something because my words are too plain. I can’t even use the right adjectives in my writing to add spice in this effortless blog post. All I can say is, Maxtein Batch 2009 still rocks! Just let the pictures speak what I have to say.

I - Newton
Oh wait! I'm not yet ready! :D

Too many cams! We were confused where to look at!

II - Linnaeus

III - Dalton
Lots of Pretty Ladies!

IV - Einstein

Random Photos

Sorry for the poor resolution of the pictures. I wasn’t able to bring my cam with me. I don’t like to bring a lot of things so I just thought of not having it. Some pictures are not mine. I just copied it to some of my classmates and edited it.

I've took only two decent picture showcasing the picturesque of the beach. Yeah! I'm trying to learn slowly this so-called Rule of Thirds.

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