Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pinning Ceremony and A Date

I've got so busy last week because of accumulating all the papers needed for this upcoming ranking in DepEd. I needed to go back and forth to MSU-IIT to request different certification, forms and the likes. I needed to request again a new TOR for the 3rd time because it should be labeled with "for employment purpose" which is the required one. Twas a helluva week for me! 

I tried to apply for the Honor Graduate Eligibility offered by the Civil Service Commission for those who graduated with honors. And the passport ID requirements was different from that of PRC so I needed to go to Fuji Film to have one. I was with Daina that time and she took a picture of me while the photographer trying to set-up everything. Twas prohibited taking pictures inside the studio so we heard some rant from the camera woman. 

Our next itinerary was in NBI but unfortunately it was too crowded so I decided just to get my clearance next week and will go there as early as possible. After that we went to MSU-IIT and while waiting for others to come I had to release the stress which enveloped my whole body by taking pictures. I'm too lucky I've brought my cam. Twas a good way of killing boredom and time. Which shot is the best?

Shot No.1

Shot No.2

Shot No.3

My Outfit.

After processing and paying all the requested papers, we proceeded inside the gym to witness the pinning ceremony of Aya and Joe. These are the only decent shots I've got. I was not in the mood because of the lighting effects of the gym. The lights were slightly dim and include also the bad weather which made it  darker. We didn't stayed for too long and we really got bored with the long speech of the speaker so we runaway.

The Crowd.

Before going home, we had a dinner date at Jollibee. They were doing many things while waiting for our order. They were had some make-over experiments. Hahaha! That's all for tonight! I'm gonna try to update my blog everyday. My aim for this 2014 is to have at least 15 blog post per month! :D

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