Monday, January 20, 2014

That Blue Day Uniform

Another photo blogpost for this day! I wasn't able to have time to post this one. I guess these photos are already a year old. It’s time to reminisce those eventful moments I had experienced when I was still a student teacher. We had this crazy idea of having a pictorial with our blue practice teach uniform. 

Apparently, I look so chubby during this time and I regretted why I cut my hair as short as it is, as shown in the photos below. It made my face look more plumpy and round. Gossh! Those were the days when I wanted to be skinny in an instant. 

Back with the photoshoot, the venue was in my bestfriend’s house and the yellowish lights were so perfect that time. And I’m going to flood you with photos now from 2013. It's still raining here in Iligan City and I am clueless when will this tropical depression Agaton leaves Philippines. Its path is unpredictable and its stationary. Oh! Just be vigilant guys to those who are living near coastal areas and prone-flooded spot.

See how fat I was and sorry for the blurry shot! Blame the photographer and not me.

Oh! Say hi to Ms. Dainalyn also known as "Taguroo".

The Trio

Oh! The next photos were so funny. Hahaha! It was weird for us to wear a shoulder bag. I mean, we were not used to bring with us those kind of mushy and girly-like bags. I guess as a future educator, we have to act more matured and more demure. We looked stiffed in the pictures.

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