Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Met Xian Lim in My Dreams

I always dreamt on meeting Xian Lim in person but it I guess it will took time for me to meet him personally. I still don’t have the capacity to go to far places and I am financially disabled. There’s always a time for that so I’ll just wait for that perfect timing. Oh! And if ever you haven't watch his new movie with Kim Chui, Bride For Rent, you just missed half of your life. It was like a romcom movie but full of lessons.

Anyway, while strolling in the city with my Babis, we happened to pass by with this new McDonald "stall" and we tried tasting their new Sundae Cones. Oh! I just found out that they called their "stalls" as Dessert Centers. And look how mean my friends were during that time. You are messing with the wrong one guys! They were having fun taking pictures with Xian Lim's photo stand.

I bought the plain Vanilla Sundae Cone. It was perfect because of the creamy vanilla soft flavor plus a crispy cone. I hate buying cone that was dipped with any flavor because its to messy eating with it. It will melt obviously and you'll not know it will suddenly overflow with the coverings and it's too sticky. 

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