Saturday, March 8, 2014

Got a New Real Friend

A good way of starting my March first blog post is introducing a new found friend. The month of February was a one of a hell month. I've got so busy for my application in the Department of Education. I actually didn't receive any news about the result of the ranking whether I belong to category A, B, C, or D. And that’s the reason why I ended up with just only two posts. 

Hi! I am Layne and I don't want to look at the cam! :)

As a starter I would like you to meet my new friend, Sittie Carolyne C. Santiago. I guess you already knew her since I always featured her on some of my blogpost. I've got acquainted with her when I was in second year college but we didn't get along with since we have different circle of friends. I’ve got a lot of knowing her better in the virtual world. She was my tweet buddy together with her best friend Salvie Marie. We were like nocturnal persons way back practice teaching season. 

Laynie's favorite. The Isaw!

During MA class.

We’ve got even closer when we studied MA together at St.Peter’s College. All I could say is that Layne is a bubbly person. Always on the go to do crazy things. We actually call each other “babi”. Although sometimes she talks so fast that I couldn’t even got the things she is blabbing. Oh! And before I forget, this girl is an avid fan of 2NE1. She supports Korean Pop songs and bands. If you’re going to browse her music playlist, don’t be surprised if all of the songs are KPop. And lastly, she is a head-turner. You’ve got to see yourself Laynie in person and be amazed with her pretty Korean-look face. 

We both love Xian Lim. :)

Thanks babi Laynie for being such a good and real friend. I could feel your sincerity in befriending me. I am glad and honored to be one of your friends. Keep awesome always.

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