Sunday, March 16, 2014

High-toned Classy Peach Outfit

Good evening gorgeous ladies! I am really enjoying mixing and matching different outfits in Polyvore. Again, I made another set that you might like and could help you in choosing what to wear. I am inlove with pastel colors. They are just very pleasing to the eyes. The reason why I really loved pastel-colored stuff it’s because of having pale delicate colors that are light and low in saturation. 

This new set is entitled High-toned Classy Peach Outfit. The color of the different items are primarily belongs to the shade of peach. Look sophisticated with this sleeve with collar joined up with a skinny trouser emphasizing your sexy curves. Wear confidently this nude ballet leather flats and you will be comfortable as you stroll in the city. This sling bag also will give an impression of being young though you look sophisticated. Be stylish as possible by adding yourself with accessories. Wearing a long stranded necklace will be a good idea. Wear something dark ones since you are dressed with pastel colors which are light to add emphasis on it and be noticed. 

To end this post, I have something to share with you guys which could always lift up your faith and spirit in times of difficulty. Always trust yourself and what you can do. 

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