Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Majinboo Tote Bag from Gush Shop

A tote bag is really helpful in travelling. It's more comfy to carry tote bags because they are large and unfastened ones. Its carrying capacity is big enough for you to place light things that are big in size. If you are planning to go to the beach this coming summer you can place your tee's or towels in a tote bag. Since they are unfastened bags, its easy for you to get your things in and out. It gives you more convenience.

I won a giveaway from Charlene Ajose's blog on her Birthday Blog Giveaway. It was a free customized tee and tote bag from Gush Shop. I don't know if you knew about my addiction with the Majinboo character of Dragon Ball Z, and yes I love it a lot especially the chubby version. So, I decided to print it on my winning tee and same as with the tote bag.

"Gush brand specializes in customized apparel with its first of a kind online medium in the country. Through its channel, GushShop.com, Gush brand offers the widest and most dynamic apparel customizing services from T-shirts to Jackets and different accessories.

Our goal is to provide avenues for individuals or groups to freely express themselves and to tap their ingenuity in creating design and art as well as inspire others, to incorporate pride in each and everyone's individuality and have the confidence to choose to be different, and to build a community through diverse individuals and groups.

Convey your emotions, Say what's on your mind, and be your own designer.

Gush. Choose to be different"  (c) Gush

You can check out their products on their website: http://www.gushshop.com

The print on the tote bag was carefully printed. With the use of their special digital direct-to garment printing you could assure that the print will last long and will not fade even if you wash the tote. Here are some of their cool products I found in their Facebook fan page.

Easy carry Summer Bags to get you in gear this season!

Cool Summer Bags for beach strolls and tours in Puka Beach, Boracay!

Foldable Summer Bags with breath taking view of El Nido, Palawan

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