Sunday, April 6, 2014

Choose Wellness... Choose Nestle

When we say we are physically fit, it means to be in a state of health and well-being. Physical fitness is defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist disease and to react to emergency situations. (c) Fit for Life

We can determine if we are physically fit by undergoing a fitness assessment. One of the simplest assessment you can perform is by getting your Body Mass Index or popularly abbreviated as BMI. Our BMI is used as an indicator of body fats. It does not indicate health and lifestyle choices. We can calculate our BMI by getting first our height and weight. 

We happened to see this dietitian/nutritionist staying inside JBC Shopper's Mall when we ate at Pine Tree Fast Food. He offered us if we wanted to get our BMI and some test using a certain device (I forgot the name of it but it was used to determine body fat percentage). It was a free nutrition consultation. I guess its one of the new program of the Nestle Company. He also gave as free samples of Nestle products. (Yay!)  

HOW TO FIND YOUR Body Mass Index (BMI)

1. Weigh yourself using a weighing scale. Note: the following formula is calculated in pounds.

My weight is 52 kilograms which is equivalent to 114.64 lb.

2. Measure your height in inches using the yardstick or measuring tape. 

My height measures 159 cm or 5'2 ft. I converted it and I've got 114.64.

3. Calculate your BMI by following these steps. 

4. Judge your personal BMI result using the scale.

Anyway, I had a different calculations but there's only a little difference and if we are going to round off the manually calculated BMI it is just equal to 21, which was the result in the BMI calculator used by the nutritionist. The computed BMI (which is mine) is equal to 20.57 which indicates that I have a healthy weight. 

Using this device I am handling, it can determine your body fat percentage. And the result was just normal.

The free Nestle products! Try also to visit JBC and you'll know what's inside! Choose wellness... Choose Nestle products!!! :)

Thanks for reading!!!

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