Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Ma'am Joy!

Today, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the whole Philippines are celebrating The Day of Valor. As we recognize this national holiday every 9th day of April, our strikingly beautiful professor in DSME celebrates her birthday also. Professor Joy R. Magsayo, popularly called in CED as Ma’am Joy. 

Our teachers are one of the great persons who help us to build ourselves. They are our models in school. They light and guide our path in order for us not to be lost in the right tracks. I am glad that she was one of my mentors. She did a great job in helping me fulfill my academic achievements and what I am right now. 

Happy birthday Ma’am Joy. I am not sure if you will able to read this blog post but I hope you will find it soon. I would like to make this as an opportunity to thank you for all the support, assistance, succor, advices and encouragement you’ve laid during my three and half years stay in CED. Thank you for always being on the go checking and reviewing our thesis before even though you weren’t our adviser. Thank you for your better back-up plans/ideas that made us come up with a new thesis title. It was all because of you. Thank you for understanding us always every time we are delayed to pass some of our requirements in your subject. We knew that you did that because you understood our hardships and distress during our senior years. 

I wish all the happiness in the world for you. I hope this one made you feel how special you are. You deserve this, you are such a very kind person with a firm and strict aura (Hahaha! Joke!). I know that those who knew you truly knows the real you. I wish you good health and more birthdays to come. And may God bless you more. 

Thank you Ma’am Joy and have a nice day ahead. Happy Birthday! We miss you a lot! (Haffy and me!) And of course the photo shoot sessions we had before. But Haffy is kinda busy always and have to do a lot of things that’s why we can’t schedule the photo shoot. Hahaha! 

These photos were shots of Ms.Hershiel Capadiso Manait from Ms. Haffy Amama's DSLR. And edited by yours truly! :)


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