Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Throwback at Photo Memoirs 1

The real concentration of this blog is just merely posting memories in the means of pictures. It is how my blog started when I met my new friends in CED (College of Education, MSU-IIT). We always have this picture time in school in every activity. Facebook on the other hand during that time was very viral and almost everyone was posting their different photos and shared it to their friends. I am not fond of posting hundreds of wacky, stolen, weirdo poses in different social networking sites. So, I decided to make my own photo blog, Photo Memoirs to post it publicly. I guess if you have an account in blogger, everyone in the globe can view it otherwise if they do not know your blog link. Not all of my friends knew about my blog before, it was just my closest friends since I shared it to them. 

Hence, Photo Memoirs is born. But, I’ve change my path because of loving fashion. So instead of a photo blog diary, you can also find few posts quite related with the fashion world. 

Anyway, the purpose of this post is an ultra-mega throwback for my BEED – Science and Health Family. I know a lot of you are waiting to see your photos during our college days before. So, fasten your seat-belt  and be cautious with our horrible and dreadful faces. You might jump in your seat if you see how unpleasant your face were! Hahaha! Just kidding! Anyway, we are all good-looking persons.

Hey! This is me! :*

Ms. Norjannah E. Guimba, Professional Teacher (2014)

Ms. Dainie M. Pandan, Professional Teacher (2014)

Ms. Michelle Apostol, Professional Teacher (2014)

Maricar and Leslie

Gerard, Aisha, Annie and Daina

BEED - Science and Health Family!!!

Ms. Christine Melody Maramara, Professional Teacher (2014)

Annie and Dada

 Shara and Me

"Winning is nothing if you've achieve it through cheating."

My Datlusher Family together with Shara!

Class dismissed.

I hope you enjoy reminiscing those times we were together guys! Keep posted for more throwback updates! Happy summer! :)

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