Thursday, June 19, 2014

65th Founding Anniversary of Matungao: Search for Bb. Gurong Maka-Kalikasan 2014

Reviving back the culture and tradition of the Maranao tribe was the best show off this event has given. Matungao, my hometown, is celebrating their 65th founding anniversary this month of June. It will take a long week of live and feisty celebration. Every barangay of Matungao is participating with their utmost best by displaying old antique Maranao artifacts in their respective tents. 

One of the main highlight of this event, which was organized by Dr. Monisa Maba, the district supervisor in the said municipality, is the search for Bb. Gurong Maka-Kalikasan 2014. I was given a chance to witness this rare event and volunteered as one of the photographer of one of the contestant. Two of the judges aside from Dr. Maba were members of Frontrow Inc.

The candidates were outrageously stunning and I was amazed with their breathtaking and splendid talents. They really boost up all their full energy and bestowed efforts for this occasion. I can say that this beauty pageant was not a so-so. 

I was just quite disappointed with the absence of the question and answer portion. In every pageant, it’s the most awaited part. Perhaps, the pageant had been more successful if they were able to put up questions related to conserving our natural resources and protecting our environment as related to the winning title which is Bb. Gurong Maka-Kalikasan. 


Best in Indigenous Gown




Miss Cheerful - Candidate No. 2

Best in Production Number - Candidate No. 3

Best in Landap Attire - Candidate No. 10

Best in Muslim Attire - Candidate No. 1

Best in Indigenous Attire - Candidate No. 6

Icon of Languages - Candidate No. 7

Best in Talent - Candidate No. 3

Icon of Beauty - Candidate No. 8

2nd Runner Up - Candidate No. 3 

1st Runner Up - Candidate No. 10


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