Thursday, August 21, 2014

Immeasurable Childhood Happiness

It’s been a quite long time since my last blog post. I’m just idling this past few months posting blog because of my anticipation to find a job. But unfortunately, after having some metaphoric conversation with the head, everything was already in its place. I just don’t get it. Why do some people try to drag you down and spread ugly talks about you? Anyway, I don’t care at all. As long as I can have that job then everything is perfect. I was just a bit disappointed with the outcome of that gossip. It made me stock in our house without knowing that it’s already buzzing in that particular place. I should have been working today if that didn't come up. As much as possible I don’t want to mention anything here that will make someone at stake so I better not mention names. I know you are puzzled. But what I had experienced was just one of the reasons why life is so unfair. Life is unfair but that’s no reason to give up on it. 

So much with loathing, let’s move on to the brighter side and filled ourselves with good vibes. Childhood years could be the best part of our life. It is where we don’t mind anything at all. We don’t care what’s happening in the world just like now. I am so depressed because I am just here sitting and thinking all of the “what ifs”, those wrong decisions I made that I felt so remorseful after the consequences were already been laid to me. How I wish I am still a little kiddo who only thinks of playing, playing and playing. It feels so good goofing around your playmates but in the end you are still playmates. Those moments when you are just staying at your school playground and experience all those different childhood games. 

In my MA school, it happens that it has playground since they offer kindergarten and elementary levels. My babis and I tried to reminisce all those silly acts we did when we were still little and ride with the seesaws. All smiles were visible in our faces and realizing, it’s good to be a little kiddo ‘til the end.

Busy with your phone babi Laynie huh?! 

Someone is bullying me.

The Balance.

Thanks for reading. 'Til next post.

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