Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top 5 Songs in my Playlist

Hi guys! I really can’t live without music. It’s always been the best escape when I am not in the mood especially when I am flooded with depressing problems. Music will always make me calm and forget all those shitty burdens in life. I've made a list of my top fave songs as of now. I wanted to share it with you guys. These were constantly being played in my phone and I’m listening to it almost every day. I tried looking for some great covers in YouTube too. I even quoted the best line of every song. Hope you’ll enjoy listening to it just as I am.

1. Stay With Me - Sam Smith
Stay with Me" is a single by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith, as the third single from his debut studio album In the Lonely Hour (2014).

Official Lyric Video

This includes Sam Tsui, Hannah Trigwell, Bri Heart, Tyler Ward and many more awesome artists so make sure to check out them all!

Joseph Vincent's cover of Stay With Me. I just love him so I included it here. Sorry for being biased but you better check his covers too.

2. Rude - Magic!
"Rude" is track #1 on the album Don't Kill the Magic.

This video is s funny. He's still wearing that red beanie during the wedding.

Joseph Vincent

Kina Grannis 

3. Quiet - Jason Mraz
Oh! I think this one is the best track from Jason Mraz new album YES!. The lyrics is just heart shattering and so full of emotions. I got stuck with this song. I can't find a decent cover of this one since it was released recently. But thanks to great soundcloud artists I've found one. It's a cover of Karlo Gian. Just click the link and you will be redirected to his soundcloud account. Quiet - Jason Mraz (Karlo Gutierrez cover)

4. All of Me - John Legend
"All Of Me" is track #6 on the album Love in the Future. I guess this song spread so fast to all ages. I can even hear lil kiddos singing this in our place. I even made my own cover of this song. But I won't post it here in my blog. I suck in singing so I better let myself be safe from embarrassment. 

Official Lyric Video

5. XO - John Mayer
I prefer John Mayer's cover than the original one sang by Beyonce. I really am not sure what does XO means but according to what I have read it could mean kisses and hugs.

Hope you enjoy it guys. Til next post.

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