Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Typical Day

Time runs fast. I can’t believe I’m still living and breathing for 22 years in this world already. I've been staying for two decades and dying is possibly coming on its way. Truly, death is inevitable. What we all need to do is live life with the best that we can and enjoy it while it last. 

This time, my birthday was just a normal day for me. Twas just a typical day. We really don’t celebrate it since it’s against our beliefs. But at least, through this blog post I could extend my “thank you” to all those people who remembered my birthday.

My FB timeline was flooded with birthday greetings. I seldom post photos and statuses because I want my timeline to appear clean. I even scanned some photos which was a year older just to remove those crappy photos. And those greetings made my timeline a mess. But then again, it made me smile thinking there are lot of people who exerted time to visit my profile and greet me. 

Anyway, I thank God for giving me the chance to live for more than 20 years. I've just realized there are so many people who love me. And lastly, people call me different names. Gosh! How the hell did that happen?!

These are some of the cutest and sweetest greetings ever.

Hello, Raqisah.
This may be late but we wanted to greet you a Happy Birthday! We wish you happiness, love, health and a good career. Always remember that we're always here for you. We may have different priorities now but we're still be your friends. We love you for who you are! Cheers to our friendship! Yongwonee, DATLUSHERS! Happy 22nd Birthday, Again Majinboo ...Mwahhh!

Sincerely Yours,
Ayasshi and Anie Lago .

"forgive me for being late rab belated happy birthday haha. sorry for the pics, mao ra ako nakaykay kay wala tay recent picture eh.. amping! hope you enjoyed your day yesterday" - Shiny Rose

Thanks for reading.

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