Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Need A Break

My plan of posting a blog every week was jeopardize. I failed to post one. I should have been able to post at least two. The reason why I can't post is that, I don't have any camera as of now. It was broken and I could not buy a new one immediately. I need to wait for my first salary to buy a phone with great cam perhaps. That would be my plan as of this moment.

Anyway, teaching needs commitment. It is too demanding and very tiring as well. I have to render 8 hours per day but still the remaining time I have is intended for paper works. Sometimes, it is not enough and I could no longer sleep with the required time. Waking up very early becomes my daily routine since I need to be at school before 7 o'clock. We will go home at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. And I really need to go to the city almost everyday to buy some needed school supplies. 

I have already been teaching for two weeks and I need a break already. I am losing weight because I travel everyday and I am deprive of sleeping 8 hours a day. This Christmas break is just so perfect timing. But I still need to make lesson plans and instructional materials for the next upcoming school days to be prepared.

Five lesson plans in a row. So, it will be like this for the upcoming days. Number of vacay days multiplied by five will be the number of LPs I could make. Its giving me hard time making one especially it is not my field. Filipino and HEKASI subjects are just too hard to handle and teach.

Anyway, this was one of our coffee sessions with my older sister. We stayed at Dunkin Donuts to have a break. Chocolates are one of my guilty pleasures. 

Advance Happy New Year! Yahooo! Its 2015 already.

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